Meet the Team

The Duplare team is powered by two seasoned travel industry professionals with a passion for helping travel businesses grow to reach their full potential. Collectively we have over 30 years of travel industry experience covering areas of marketing, product development, customer relationship management, eventing, sales and leadership.


Co-Founder & Director

James has a rich history of experience in the travel and events industries in the UK that dates back almost two decades. He has worked with a number of large travel organisations in his capacity as a managing director, product, sales and events manager as well as an independent consultant; often steering companies through challenging economic times and periods of significant change.

James has a background in Science as well as an MBA and significant experience in implementing theoretical models to achieve real-world success.

James’ key business interests include business development, marketing strategy and organisational change within the travel sector.

Time well spent with James is time spent discussing business development, online distribution, marketing and PR strategy, corporate strategy, organisational change, coaching and staff development. 


Co-Founder & Marketing/CRM Specialist 

Shannon brings over a decade of travel industry experience from both the UK and South Africa, where she has worked for multi-national travel corporations as well as independently owned travel specialists.

She has worked both in-house and as an independent consultant covering strategic marketing for mainstream and niche travel brands, provided leadership to small and large marketing teams in the UK and developed product for tour operators in the South African market.

Shannon’s key business interests are customer relationship management, data-driven marketing and strategy development within the travel sector.

Speak with Shannon about your travel business data and how this can work for your business to drive stronger marketing initiatives, improve sales efficiencies, refine your product portfolio and service your clients in a more personal and profitable manner.

How James spends his time

  • Strategy 50%
  • Change Management 25%
  • Coaching and staff development 15%
  • Distribution 10%

How Shannon spends her time

  • Strategy 40%
  • CRM & Data Management 50%
  • Marketing Implementation 10%


Brand Strategist

Craig’s spent his career building brands and businesses across the marketing mix; starting in research right the way through to PR and communications. His passion is in branding, identity and creating mission led businesses, products and services.

He has worked at global agencies and startups. Using an array of ‘hacking’ and good old fashioned traditional channels to activate campaigns across different audiences and services, he has led the creation of products that matter to customers, clients and business owners alike. 

Craig’s portfolio is varied and includes everything from charities, travel, start-ups, fashion, technology and more. His generalist approach with the brand at the core creates an emotional buy-in for new customers to get invested in.

His approach is to continue asking “why”; and to probe away until rich insights have been uncovered to deliver arresting and excellent campaigns.

Speak to Craig about developing new products, repositioning existing ones, crafting loyalty programs, advocacy, and how to build emotional engagement into your brand and communications. 

How Craig spends his time

  • Strategy 30%
  • Brand & Design 30%
  • Communications 30%
  • Marketing Activiation 10%


SEO & PPC Specialist

Simon has spent over 20 years in the world of business information systems and analytics, with the past decade concentrating on providing superb SEO & PPC services to his clients. 

With laser focus on results, he firmly believes in looking at how SEO and PPC adds to a company’s bottom line, and not just on whether it drives traffic volumes. 

He specialises in working with small to medium sized businesses to help them generate more leads and sales from their websites through highly effective Search Engine Optimisation, and manages their Pay Per Click campaigns to effectively utilise marketing spend in the right areas. 

His approach of continual testing and learning in the constantly changing digital world, means that he, and your business, stay one step ahead of the curve online. 

Speak to Simon about how you can optimise your website to drive greater organic and PPC traffic that converts into enquiries and bookings. 


Creative & Digital Designer

Over the past 21 years as a creative and digital designer, Caren has been involved in a number of exciting travel design projects.

From developing new brand concepts for niche island holiday brands, to signing off the ‘go-to-market’ collateral for round the world specialists, and keeping established travel companies advertising fresh and appealing, she has the skills to ensure that every piece of your travel business’s marketing is on-brand and ready to deliver new business.

Having worked with, and within, large organisations both in South Africa and the UK, including global travel brand Flight Centre, her skill set is large and varied, crossing both online and offline channels.

Caren thrives on conceptualising and delivering innovative design for her clients and loves nothing more than hearing that the new creative has brought in new business for her clients. 

Speak with Caren and her team about developing a brand that resonates with your target customers and how this can make all the difference in bringing in more business for you. 

How Caren spends her time

  • Digital Design 55%
  • Print Design 45%

If you are interested in talking about your business growth plans and working together, get in touch.

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