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Find a collection of the latest news, research reports, case studies and e-books providing information on the travel industry and business growth.

The Power of Segmentation

A look at how powerful segmenting your travel business database is and how you can grow your business by doing it.

6 ways to increase profits in your travel business

Explore six ways in which you can increase your profits in your travel business with confidence. 

Customer Relationship Management

A good CRM implementation can help you gain visibility of almost every aspect of your business and set you up for growth.

Thoughts on Marketing

Where there is no such thing in marketing as a “millennial”. Debunking the myths that “millennials” are a valid target segment.
UK Ski Market 2017 Report

UK Ski Market 2017 Report

Discover the latest insights into market size as well as skiers’ preferences and research & booking habits.

Introducing Duplare

The Duplare team is powered by two seasoned travel industry professionals with a passion for helping travel businesses grow to reach their full potential.

What limits travel business growth?

As travel business owners look to grow their companies, there are a number of factors which must be addressed to reach their potential.

Are you ready to grow survey

Are you ready to grow?

Take our survey and find out. We’ll create a bespoke growth analysis for your travel business.

Path to Purchase

View our recent presentation from LISTEX 2017, and explore how customer’s research and purchase within the snowsports industry.

How to grow your travel business with email marketing

Discover how email marketing, still one of marketing’s most effective channels, can help grow your travel business.