Our approach to increasing visitors, customers, turnover and profit

Every travel orgasnisation that we work with finds themselves in a unique situation. Each have their own goals for the years to come and believe that focusing on building visitors, customers, turnover or profits will allow them to achieve them.

Our Story

Duplare was born of two seasoned travel industry professionals who strive to help travel companies build sustainable, profitable and adaptable businesses.

According to a recent report by Deloitte, travel is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in 2018 and now accounts for over 10% of global GDP. This points to a very positive future for travel companies.

Having worked with many travel companies over the years, we saw a need to help travel businesses make the step-change required to take advantage of these opportunities and realise their potential.

Focus on Growth

Growth is the life-blood of any business but the travel industry faces particular challenges to achieving sustainable growth. Margins can be low, marketing costs can be high in very competitive sectors, and there are great fluctuations in exchange rates. Consider the magnified and direct impact on travel when world events occur such as terror attacks, environmental or economically related issues and it’s no wonder many otherwise great travel companies struggle with achieving the sustainable growth they seek.

Our belief is that the best way to protect your travel business from these challenges and take advantages of the numerous opportunities that today’s travel sector enjoys is to focus on delivering growth through a proven process.

Achieving growth within your travel organisation gives your business a number of self-built opportunities, flexibility and space to innovate. Healthy growth allow you the freedom to fully explore new opportunities as they present themselves in a way that doesn’t risk the entire entity.  It also offers your business protection from unforeseen events that occur beyond your control such as weather, economic and political events. Strong growth give you options to quickly adapt, drive more marketing if required, or simply wait it out until the storm has passed.

3-Step Growth Plan for Travel Businesses

While it takes a number of things to build a sustainable and profitable travel business, our approach is to follow a simple, yet highly-effective, three-step plan.  Each of these steps can be undertaken as stand-alone projects depending on where your travel business stands, but addressing all these areas in your business is critical when looking to grow.

Understand your customers
Understanding who your customers are is vital to being able to create products they want and market to them effectively.

Duplare helps you do this with:

  • Market research
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Target market research and definition
  • Products, pricing and communications strategies and implementation
Find and promote your point of difference
It’s imperative that you find and promote your point of difference within the market. With ever-increasing competition, customers have an abundance of choice of how, and with whom, they book their travel. If your business cannot stand out from the crowd it will be passed over in favour of those that do.

Duplare will help you to define your point of difference and create impactful strategies to market it to your ideal customers in the way they want to receive it.

Understanding your funnel and working out how to fix the leaks
With the right customers engaged with your brand, it is important to ensure that you are not losing them to competitors before they make a purchase.

Duplare will help you analyse your funnel, from awareness to purchase and beyond to repeat and referral, to identify where in your funnel leaks can occur. We will ensure the right measurement tools are in place at each of these stages so that we can monitor the success of the actions put in place to prevent them. Finally, we will put in place strategies and actions to reduce leaks and help customers move smoothly from one stage to next.

By addressing each of these areas, we help our travel clients increase their profits and open up their options for growth, sustainability and adaptability. We work as partners alongside our clients and develop bespoke strategies that meet their specific goals.

Next steps?

To find out how you can increase your travel business profits, book a free strategy session with Duplare.

Our strategy sessions are designed to help us get a better understanding of you and your business, and for you to get to know us. We will take the time to discuss your current challenges, as well as what is working well in your business. You get to ask all the questions you want and we will ask a lot too.

Afterwards, we will be able to give you a clear idea of how we can help your business grow your profits.

And there is no obligation to do any further work together.